Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well Checks

Tanner and Izzy both had their well checks yesterday with Dr. Scott. Tanner is 18.8 lbs (75th percentile) and 28 inches (90th percentile). Izzy is 25 lbs (25th percentile) and 34 inches (50th percentile). They both did amazingly well and they are both developing perfectly and very healthy! We talked about getting an assessment with a speech therapist for Izzy but Dr. Scott doesn't think there are any problems and she has added a few more words lately. We'll see how she is doing around the first of the year. We also talked about moving Izabel into a big girl bed and all agreed that the time is quickly approaching! That is giving me a little bit of anxiety but I'm sure she'll adjust fine. Before we left they both got shots. Izabel just had one vaccine and her flu shot and Tanner had a total of 6 vaccines and a flu shot. They will go back next week for the H1N1 shot as well. Izzy got hers first and she cried a lot. Just when she started calming down Tanner got his shots and she started crying "Tay Tay, Tay Tay" over and over. It was so sad watching her cry for him but really cute at the same time!

In other big news...Tanner started crawling Monday night! That's right, he gets up on his knees and everything. Our little man is growing up and soon he'll be chasing Izzy around the house! He'll be moving on to stage two foods in a couple days when the stage ones are all gone and he has been working with the sippy cup. He's sleeping almost as long as Izzy at night which is amazing and falling asleep on his own with little to no crying. He's the happiest little boy anyone could ask for! We are truly blessed with two beautiful and healthy children and we thank God for that everyday!!!