Sunday, November 8, 2009

7 Months Old

Today Tanner is 7 months old! It's crazy to see the changes he has made in the past month. Every day I keep thinking that I'm going to have so many big things to talk about in this post! He's still a little wobbly on sitting up but that is because he spends so much time on his tummy! He is really crawling pretty well. He is doing the army crawl thing but he gets up on his knees a lot so it won't be much longer until he really takes off. It is so funny to watch him army crawl because he crosses his ankles. He'll be really determined to get to a toy and then Izabel will run up and take it right as he gets close. He screams and she looks around to see if either of us noticed what she did. We can see the start of many brother/sister fights to come!

Tanner has gotten his first tooth! It's on the bottom right. He's been a tiny bit fussy but still super laid back. We've given him tylenol and orajel and he's done fine. So far that is the only one but I'm sure more will be coming soon.

We've moved on to level two foods. He has a breakfast jar and bottle in the morning, veggies and fruit for lunch, bottle after nap, dinner jar and fruit in the evening and then a bottle right before bed. We've given him a bitter biscuit a few times and he's working on the sippy cup. The next time I go to the store I'll be getting some early finger foods for him to start with too. He is taking two good naps in his crib and sometimes he still takes his evening nap, but we have finally gotten him going into his bed at the same time we put Izzy to bed! It's so exciting to have our evenings back. After dinner we all clean up and get in jammies. Then we sit on the couch and I read stories while Noah feeds Tanner. It's become a really nice family time for us and we all look forward to it.

He's wearing size 2-3 diapers and he seems to be in between 6 and 9 month clothes which I guess it exactly where he should be. I am having such a hard time buying clothes for him because I am so used to have buy a couple sizes behind for Izzy! Tanner is super healthy and super happy and we couldn't ask for a better little boy!