Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Pictures and Other Updates

I know it's almost been a week since Thanksgiving but we've been super busy around here. I finally found a moment to put them up and fill everyone in on the rest of our weekend. After having a great Thanksgiving we woke up on Black Friday and headed straight to Babies R Us. I normally would never dream of going shopping on black Friday by myself with two kids but I couldn't pass up buy one get one free baby food and diapers! After buying as many as I could I brought the kids back home and did a little more online shopping. I bought Noah's Christmas present which I am very excited about I just have to hope that I can keep it a secret until Christmas!

My beautiful table and some of our spread
Tanner enjoyed a yummy ham dinner for his first Thanksgiving!
Granddaddy still gives pony ridesTanner had fun playing with Granddaddy too
Even though he is almost as big as her, Izzy loves holding Tay TayHe's just the happiest babyLots of gigglesFriday night we went over to Jess and Dan's house for game night. We took the kids and Izabel played with Evie and Lily. We had such a great time that we went back again on Saturday night! We kept the kids up pretty late so Sunday Izabel slept until 9:30! It was great for Noah but Tanner got me up bright and early like normal. We managed to get the tree set up and some of the decorations but we still have more work to do.

Izzy and EvieGame night at the Ingram's
In big Izzy news - we officially started potty training full time on Sunday. We've been putting her on the potty and talking about it but nothing consistent. On Sunday we went into big girl underwear and put the potty in the living room. She went through three pairs Sunday and Monday but today she only had one accident and pooped in the potty! We're still using pull ups at night and during naps but she's doing so well so quickly! I'm sure we'll still have more accidents along the way but we're so thrilled with how well she has done so far. She's in a big girl bed, going potty like a big girl and talking so much more! We've been waiting for all of these things but now I can't figure out what happened to my baby girl!

The required blackmail picture!