Tuesday, February 3, 2009

28 Week Checkup

We saw Dr. Hammer yesterday for my 28 week visit. Tanner sounds good and everything is going well. We talked about when we would schedule the c-section and he is looking at about 10 days early which puts us around the 10th of April. That means I have right around 9 weeks left! I also told him about the headaches. He prescribed me some medicine that I can only take at night and that I can't take often but we were hopeful it would help me at least get one night's sleep. Turns out it didn't work and I still have not had any relief in almost a week! If anyone has any nice at home remedies for headaches I would appreciate you passing them on. At this point I'll do just aout anything to go for at least a little while without my head hurting!


Jess said...

You might want to try going to the chiropractor, or you can try taking 2 level teaspoons of magnesium. You can get it at the vitimin shop in a powder form and it is called CALM. If you google natural vitality calm it will pull up and you can read about it and order it. I know doctor Eric the chiropractor that I worked for and I think you saw before sells it and has samples for free. He is on Kempsville Rd now close to battlefield blvd 547-2045 Hope this helps call me if you have any questions. xoxo jess