Sunday, January 10, 2010

9 Months!

Okay so I'm a little late on the 9 month post and pictures but life is crazy like usual!

It's hard to believe Tanner is 9 months old and 3/4 of the way through his first year! It seems like just yesterday he was a newborn and I was struggling to survive with two children under 2. However here we are and life is great. Tanner is crawling all over the place and finally using his knees more often than his arms. He's pulling up and starting to cruise around the room. He tries to play and enjoys his toys a lot more when Izzy is not around! Sometimes I think he likes it when we put him in the entertainer so she can't bother him :)

He loves to jump and be thrown up in the air. We put him in the doorway jumper and will jump until he falls asleep! He's still happy and smiling all the time. He has two teeth and is slowly getting more hair. Luckily he didn't really lose any or get a bald spot. He sleeps great. He's pretty much given up his morning nap but he takes a great afternoon nap and then sleeps from about 8 at night until 7 or 8 in the morning. We've almost got him and Izzy sleeping for the same amount of time which makes life so much better. He's eating stage three foods and starting on finger foods. He loves the yogurt bites and puffs. He HATES green beans. He's not a fussy eater but there is no way to get green beans in his mouth. He hates getting his diaper changed or getting dressed but other than that he is always happy and the easiest baby I have ever seen!

Izzy took my toy away again!
Oh well, I'll just play with this oneStanding up to play
Taking a ride with sissy :)