Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day #1

That's right...we got snow in Virginia! And not just a little dusting like normal, we got SNOW. Some areas got as much as 12 inches. I think we got around 4 or 5 so far and it's supposed to snow a little more tonight. We've been pretty lazy today but we all bundled up to go outside for a little while. The kids have never seen snow before so I was excited to see them experience it. Izabel loved it! She wanted us to help her walk in it but she did not want to come in. Tanner cried the whole time I was getting him ready and then cried as soon as I brought him in. I think he liked it too! I didn't really let him crawl around in it though because I don't really have snow clothes for him to wear. Maybe tomorrow! Here are the pics from our first snow day and I'm sure there will be many more tomorrow.

Tanner "walking" in the snow
It was much easier to walk in the street
It was still coming down!
Daddy loves the snow!
Izzy's first snow angel