Saturday, May 29, 2010

2nd Birthday Parties

Today we celebrated two 2 year olds! This morning we went to the park to celebrate Lily's second birthday. Lily is Jess and Dan's daughter and we always have a great time hanging out with them. We were a little late because I got the time mixed up but we had nice time with them. The kids played and flew a kite out in the field. Then we stayed and had a picnic lunch while they went home for naps. Since we weren't there for very long I never managed to get any pictures :( but we had a great time! Happy Birthday Lily!

After our naps we went to Braydon's birthday party. Braydon is my friend Ashleigh's son and we always have a good time hanging out with her and her husband Brandon. They had his party in a club house and it was a barnyard theme. There was a ball pit and a bounce house and all sorts of fun animal themed decorations. Ashleigh really did a great job! The kids had a blast and wore themselves out! Happy Birthday Braydon!

Tanner spent most of his time in the ball pit and had a blast!
Izzy and Braydon

Braydon blew out the candle by himself
Yum Yum!
Blair "riding" the sheep...
and Izzy "riding" the pony
Time for presents!