Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fashion Show

This past Friday my fashion program put on our first annual Think Pink Charity Fashion Show. Our goal was to raise money for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. We ended up raising over $300 so we were pretty excited about that. It was our first attempt and a lot of things could have gone better but we learned a lot and we were still successful!

We had clothes donated from Distinctive Memories and Ames Tuxedos. We also had designer Ric Lamar come through with some very unique designs from his very own line! The girls and I were so excited to include this. We had three scenes, Ric Lamar Designs, Formal Wear, and Think Pink. Next year we hope to add a young designers scene where high school designers enter a piece into the fashion show and audience votes on the winning design. We also had a speaker from Komen. She used to be a Kecoughtan teacher and her son teaches here now. She was one of the founding members of the local Komen affiliate and we were thrilled to have her.

The models
This shirt was made of ties...I love it!
It turned out to be a great show!

At the end my student surprised me with a hour-long massage to thank me for all that I have done this year. It really has been our most successful years yet and I'm excited for all that we have planned for next year!

This year's accomplishments:
-Almost a dozen winners at District Competition
-3 finalist at State Competition
-2 winners at State Competition
-2 State Officers
-School Store Gold Certification
-$300 raised for Komen Foundation
-Lots of fun and good times!