Monday, July 26, 2010

HOT HOT HOT! (Weekend Update)

It has been so unbelievably hot here! I mean temps from 100 up to 109 degrees over the weekend. It's so hot the kids have been extra cranky and we're all exhausted. On Friday we headed to Ocean Breeze with Aunt Theresa, Candace and Drew hoping to keep cool. The water was nice and actually pretty cool but it was still way too hot and the pavement was burning our feet! Since it was so hot we didn't do much else the rest of the weekend but stay in the air conditioning.

Saturday me and the kids went to the grocery store which sounded like a good idea until I got home and realized I'd have to carry in all the loads of groceries by myself. Saturday night Noah and I went out to dinner and a movie with Candace and Matt. It was so nice to have a date night with them and we had a blast! We saw Inception on Imax and I definitely recommend it. I like movies that you have to think about and really work at understanding so this was right up my alley!

Sunday morning we went to church where Rebecca St. James was leading worship. I was so excited! I've been listening to her since I was in middle school and I used her devotional books in high school. It was a great service. We came home and ALL took naps and then just hung around the house the rest of the day. It seems like the temps are cooling down so hopefully we'll get outside some this week!
Happy Monday!!!