Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vacation Week

Throughout the rest of the week in Vermont we did a few outings but mostly relaxed! On Monday we took Noah's sister Maria and headed out to the Ben and Jerry's Factory. This is where Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream started out and is still made today. Since Monday was considered a holiday they weren't making ice cream but we still did the tour. It ends with a free sample of a new ice cream. This one was Boston Cream Pie! If you can find it you should buy enough to fill your freezer because it is SO good! Afterwards we were going to get some ice cream and play at the park but it was so hot and the line was really long. Instead we headed back to town and stopped by the Creeme Stand. We all had soft serve with rainbow sprinkles and although it wasn't Ben and Jerry's it was super good.

Tuesday Mimi went with us into Burlington and visited Echo Lake Science Center. It's a cute little aquarium and science center and they have lots of hands on activities. It was actually featured in Parents Magazine a few months back as one of the top places to visit this summer so we had to go. The kids had a great time playing at the water tables, digging for dinosaurs, and looking around the giant bug exhibit! Afterwards we had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and we were going to head to the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory but the kids were pretty cranky. That will be one of our stops next year for sure!

On Wednesday we picked up Noah's Dad and took a road trip to Connecticut. When we got there we went to visit with Noah's Aunt Joyce. She made us a fabulous lunch and we played in the backyard for a while. It was nice catching up but super hot and nap time so we got back on the road. I took Noah and his Dad to Foxwoods Casino where they did some gambling and spent the night. Then me and the kids headed over to my friend Courtney's house for a visit. It was great getting to see her and the kids had a blast. We went to a nearby park to play before bed, had a nice bath and then got some rest. Everyone slept well with the air conditioning and Courtney made us some great food! We might have to go up there and visit her again soon!

Thursday we ran to Target (since they don't have one in Vermont) and then had lunch. After lunch it was time to pick up Noah and Grandpa and head back to Vermont. We got there right in time to have pizza for dinner and hang out with Mimi, Papa and Gigi!

On Friday we just hung around the house. Izabel colored and played Memory and Tanner was on his normal schedule with two naps. We played in the pool and during Tanner's afternoon nap Noah and I took Izabel into town for one more Creeme! I think she really enjoyed having both of us all to herself and we're going to have to find ways to do that more with both of them! We had a big ham dinner and the Eaton family came over to enjoy it with us. After dinner we played outside with some drinks and the pool. Cindy fell on the side of the pool and hurt her hip very badly. We had to call an ambulance which was pretty scary but Izabel held onto their dog and kept telling him it was going to be okay. It was so cute and thankfully Cindy ended up being just fine. Saturday we got up and got packing so we could head home right after lunch. It was a little easier on the kids that way but still a difficult trip. Now we're just trying to catch up on the all the sleep we lost from traveling but we're so glad we did it and we can't wait to go back again next year! Family time is so important and it's nice to get away from our busy schedules and really just spend time together :)