Saturday, September 4, 2010

Updates and Random Pics

Sooo...I know I promised updates and pics but I don't know where the cord is to download the pics from my camera and I hate posting without pictures. I finally sat down and got a few posts up so scroll down when you are done with this one and check them out. We had a nice summer with lots of exciting happenings but at the same time we had a lot of laid back days. It was a nice balance.

Izabel is so grown up now and I can't believe she is starting preschool on Tuesday! I don't know who is more nervous but we are also excited. She's never been away from us, my mom or a close family member so it will be interested when I drop her off Tuesday morning and try to get to work on time! We went to her open house last Tuesday and it really helped me and Izzy feel better about this transition. For the longest time she kept saying "I don't want to go to school, I just want to stay home" and even on the way to the open house she was saying "you're going to stay with me right? you're not going to leave!" When we got there she was really shy and clingy but after we started showing her around she started playing. By the end of the evening she didn't want to leave and we had to practically drag her out of there. They have some really cute stuff planned and her class only has 9 kids and 2 teachers so I think she'll be just fine!

Izzy and Tanner...please excuse the outfit, she was insisting on not getting dressed!
Izzy loves reading and her favorite books right now are The Giving Tree and I'll Love You Forever. She can recite each one and pretty much reads them to us now. It's so funny listening to her read the exact words as we turn the pages! She is doing real jigsaw puzzles now and she has gotten really good at every color, shape, letter and number. she also loves to color or paint on her new easel. She's even started saying some things in Spanish. She drinks out of a big girl cup but still doesn't eat very well. She just picks at her food. I guess she's going to stay little, not that it's a bad thing! She loves Tanner but gets annoyed by him very quickly. She's been using the big potty for months but now we are working on making her go by herself. It's still a bit of a struggle because she wants help with her clothes or wipping but she's getting there. She is completely out of diapers and pull ups. She's been sleeping in undies for at least a month now and she's only had once accident. She even wakes up to go potty sometimes in the middle of the night. She's started dressing herself and she can be really helpful around the house. I think she's really ready for preschool and she's going to do great!
Our little artist...again please excuse the outfit!

Tanner is more and more of a toddler everyday. He can almost keep up with Izabel now and they are pretty much the same size (although Izzy's a few inches taller). He really enjoys having a few moments to play by himself since his sister takes everything away from him. He babbles all the time and says a few words. He's started answering yes and no questions although the answer is usually no. Izabel calls him "buddy boy" now which is really funny. He likes to climb and best of all he likes to snuggle! Izzy was never a snuggler so I really enjoy anytime I get to snuggle with Tanner. His appetite has slowed down a lot and he rarely finishes everything on his plate now. He's gotten busy and has better things to do once he's full! He's shown a little bit of interest in the potty so I think we'll pull the little potty back out soon just for him to start being introduced. We have no plans to potty train him for a while longer but the dream of having both of them out of diapers is so exciting!
Tanner snuggling with Daddy
Sleeping during lunch
The next few months are going to be crazy busy but there will be lots of exciting things happening. I will try really hard to stay updated with lots of pictures! Enjoy back-to-school and the beginning of fall!!