Monday, December 27, 2010


We were entirely spoiled this Christmas! It seems like everyone went a little overboard, but after what we have been through the last few months of this year I guess it is ok. We woke up Christmas morning and I jumped in the shower since I knew I wouldn't have time later. Both kids got up and hung out in our bed for a while and then moved to the living room while we were waiting for Grandma and Granddaddy to here. When they finally arrived we took the kids in and started opening the presents! We took a break to have breakfast and then had two more rounds once Aunt Amy and Uncle Keith arrived later in the day.

This looks a little ridiculous and Santa hasn't been here yet!
The stockings are hung by the chimney with care
First seeing her new princess bike and his new basketball hoop
I must have been good because I got a Kitchen Aide mixer that I have been wanting for at least 5 years, a Keurig which I am in love with, an ODU flag for the porch, an epad lap desk for my laptop, some new pjs, some much needed chocolate, a new hair dryer, a blanket, and a game.

Noah got tickets to a Capital's hockey game with hotel reservations, a new coat, a shirt, a grooming kit, new headphones, a puzzle, some card games, and some pj pants.

Santa brought Izabel everything she asked for which includes a Princess Bike, a donut maker (I seriously have no idea where she got that idea from) and a doll house! She got so excited opening each thing but when she opened the doll house she actually hugged the box! She also got tons of clothes, books, a new baby, some art supplies and some games.

Santa brought Tanner a basketball hoop that is a little tall right now but will grow with him and last a long time. He was really excited and didn't want to open any gifts, he just wanted to keep playing basketball! Unfortunately the back board was cracked so I have to take it back to the store and get a new one when some of this snow melts (see next post). He also got a tower race track, clothes, books, puzzles, a baseball set, and a tool bench toy.

Mimi and Papa sent us some money to have someone come and help clean the house every once in a while. It is an amazing gift because the next couple of months are super busy at work and I will be traveling a lot. This gift gives me time to spend with my kids when I am home instead of cleaning the house!

After all the opening!
I'm sure I am forgetting things as we were so overwhelming blessed this year. Thank you to everyone for being so generous and for all of the help and prayers and gifts!

After presents we started preparing our big Christmas dinner. We had ham and turkey and all of the fixings! We played with all of the new toys in between cooking and Aunt Ann and Andy came over for dinner too. We ended up having 16 people for dinner and my kitchen was a mess by the end of the day, but it was worth it! We ended the day by playing Wii and trying to relax. We had an amazing day and we are so lucky and blessed! We hope everyone had an equally amazing Christmas!