Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Very Fairy Birthday Party!

Sunday we celebrated Izabel's 3rd birthday with lots of fairy fun! Tinkerbell invaded our house and my little fairy couldn't have been happier. She put on her Tinkerbell costume and danced around the living room pretending to fly. We had lots of friends and family come to help us celebrate.

The food spread included Pixie Punch, Stardust Sandwiches, Toadstools, Fairy Berries, Magic Wands, Tink's Garden and of course Fairy Cupcakes (unfortunately the wings fell off before the party)! Everything was very yummy and super cute if I do say so myself.

After eating we got to the business of opening presents. Izabel was a very lucky girl. She got tons of games and puzzles, a Tinkerbell blanket and pillow, cute clothes and jammies, a new movie, a computer game, dress up clothes and shoes, and some books. She also got three months worth of gymnastics lessons from Mommy and Daddy and she already loves it! Every gift was perfect for her and everyone knew her so well. Thank you so much for to everyone!

After presents Izabel blew out her candle all on her own and ate her cupcake before heading outside with the other kids to play. She had a great time and LOVED all the attention she got! She's already beat Daddy at Candy Land twice and she begs to play her new games from the moment she gets up in the morning to the moment she goes to bed at night!

Our fairy festival was quite a success or as Tinkerbell would say....flitterrific!