Friday, March 25, 2011

A Very Special Day!

Today is a big day and no it's not my birthday - yet! Today is my mom's 60th birthday!!! On top of the fact that it is a big birthday for her, it is a day to celebrate the fact that she is still alive. 

The fact that she almost did not make it to this birthday is not lost on me and I have been a little teary all week thinking about it. My mind keeps going to back to those days in October and November when we didn't think she would make it to 60 years old. 

I'm sure she's not thrilled with my blasting her age all over the internet, but I think it's amazing that she's made it to this milestone and still looks and acts so much younger! She's still taking care of the kids, does things around the house for us during the day and is always available to all of us if we ever need anything.

She really is an amazing mom and we're never been more thankful to celebrate her special day. She's a walking miracle and we pray that we will experience many more special birthdays with her! 

Happy Birthday Mom! 
We don't tell you enough but we love you so much and couldn't survive with you!!!