Friday, June 14, 2013

The Bittersweet Last Day of School

I've been watching everyone post about how sad they were to see their kids finishing preschool and going to kindergarten and I get that it is a milestone, but I really didn't understand all the tears and emotions........until today!

For the past three years our kids have been taught, nurtured, and most importantly loved by the wonderful teachers at Greenbrier Manor. We have loved our experience there and highly recommend it to anyone on the hunt for a preschool starting as early as age 2. We are waiting to find out if Tanner gets accepted to the preschool program in Hampton, so right now this may be the end of our experience at Greenbrier Manor, and that was sad. 

Tanner with Mrs. Michelle and Mrs. Amy...Izabel had them when she was 3 as well!
Izabel with her preschool teacher Mrs. Cathy
 Watching my kids go into school for the last time and watching their teachers get teary eyed was all it took for me to start crying. Especially Mrs. Bridget. She has loved my kids more than we could ever have asked a teacher to love them and she is so sad to see them go! We are more than grateful for her and all she has done for our family and she will be missed more than she knows.

Then there was the first day and last day picture comparison that got to me. They have grown SO much this school year. I couldn't believe how much more grown up my Izzy looks since she started preschool. Now we walked out of the building with a kindergartener and yes it is a little sad. She is so smart and friendly and wonderful and I know she will be happy and successful throughout her education...but it is sad to see her growing up so fast. 

First day and last day of preschool and pre-k 3 2012-2013
For now we will enjoy the summer, anxiously await our placement for preschool and kindergarten, and try to slow down this crazy life of ours....well at least a little bit!! 
Tanner with his girlfriend Kaylee....they are so cute together!
Happy Last Day of School :)