Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow Days!

I realize 4-5" to our northern friends and family members doesn't sound like much...but to people from Virginia Beach it's enough for three days out of school and lots of excitement! I'm pretty sure the kids were more excited about the snow on Tuesday night than they were about Santa coming on Christmas Eve. We got a pretty good amount of snow Tuesday night and ended up with Wednesday and Thursday out of school because of super icy roads and really low temperatures. We were up, dressed, fed, and outside by 7:30am on Wednesday morning because of all the anticipation. We ended up playing outside 3 separate times with movies and hot chocolate in between to warm up. 

Thursday morning we slept a little later and then I sent the kids out to play (where I could easily see them) while I kept warm and got some work done. 

**Side note - I know a lot of people think teachers are lazy and get off easy when we have bad weather days, but we still have work to do and it is much harder to get it done at home! We will have to make this time up and all of the things that I needed to get done by Monday for the end of the semester still have to get done from home!!

The kids ended up playing outside for almost 2 hours before I finally made them come in for lunch. In the afternoon we went to see the new movie "The Nut Job" to get out of the house for a little while. Today (Friday) we are home again. It was already scheduled to be a teacher work day so the kids did not have school and they decided to offer teachers the incentive to work from home. They have done this in the past to help with morale. I think they planned on offering it anyway but since the roads are still icy in a lot of places it was nice for teachers to have the choice to go in or not. 

They are calling for more snow tomorrow and next week so we'll see how it plays out. For now we are enjoying our lazy mornings and playing in the snow that can't melt since it can't seem to get out of the 20s around here.