Monday, June 23, 2008

All American Girl

Izabel's 8 month/4th of July pics are here! They were so good that the photographer ordered a sheet for her book in the studio and entered them in a contest! These are some of my favorites! To view all of the pics go to and enter Whitney Ketchledge in the customer name section. Then you can view, order and download the pics to your computer. Send me a comment if you would like any of them and I will mail them to you! Happy Summer!!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new site! It is perfect and pretty in pink:) It took me awhile to figure out there was music playing from your site! I thought I had magically downloaded All American Girl, but then it all clicked! It moved me to tears because it fits perfectly!

Courtney said...

OOPS! That was me blogging as "anonymous"!