Friday, June 27, 2008

Mini Vacation!

Noah and I took a much need couple days away this week. We went to Atlantic City Tuesday evening and stayed until Thursday afternoon. We got an amazing room at Harrah's Resort and Casino and spent a few days just the two of us! This is something we rarely get to do anymore. My parents came to stay with Izabel which is something we are very blessed to have available to us and they just love spending the time with her. We spent a lot of time playing games but we walked around and window shopped as well. We also had breakfast in bed both days and went out to a nice romantic dinner Wednesday night. It was just what we needed to recharge but we missed Izabel like crazy and we couldn't wait to see her when we got home Thursday night. We actually woke her up when we peeked in her room which was a big mistake because she thought it was playtime and was up for two hours! Now we're settling back into our routine and getting ready for our trip to Vermont next week!