Monday, November 3, 2008

Izabel goes to a Babysitter

Today I had to take Izabel to a babysitter outside of our house for the first time! My mom had to have the day off because of my brother and I couldn't find anyone that could come to our house. My friend Ashleigh stays home with her son Braydon so she agreed to keep Izabel. I took Izabel over there Thursday afternoon so she could at least become a little familiar with the place. She had a great time playing with Braydon. This morning I woke her up bright and early and took her over there. She was pretty happy considering it was a lot earlier than she normally wakes up. We got to Ashleigh's and I took her in and then went back to the car to get her bag and car seat. She started crying as soon as I walked out of the door! Then when I gave her a kiss goodbye Ashleigh was holding her and she kept trying to reach for me. We had talked about her staying there and me coming back but I know she didn't understand. Ashleigh did a great job distracting her and I knew she would be well taken care of but it was still really hard. It makes me even more thankful that I have my mom and I haven't had to do that until now!