Monday, November 3, 2008


Sunday we went to Richmond to visit with my Aunt and Cousins. We went up there with my Mom and Dad, my other Aunts and my Grandma. It was pretty emotional for all of us because it was the first time we had been up there since my Uncle's funeral. It was especially hard for my Aunt and Cousin because my Dad looks just like my Uncle. While it was hard it was also a lot of fun. Izabel has a 3 and a 1 year old cousin that she got to play with which was a lot of fun for her. They were running around the house and distracting all of us from the sadness in the air. We had a great lunch and spent time catching up and watching the kids play. We had a really nice day and each time we go it will get easier.

Dad and Nephew Nathan
Cousin Amy with Izabel

Cousin Nathan and Izabel playing (I don't know where Cousin Sydney was!)