Monday, December 1, 2008

Izabel's Second (First) Thanksgiving

Past and Present: What a difference a year makes!!!

About 7 weeks old

13 months old

This year for Thanksgiving we celebrated almost as if it was Izabel's first. Since she was so little last year this year she is really getting to experience these holidays. Noah's parents and their cousins came into town on Wednesday. Mimi and Papa stayed with us which gave Izabel lots of time with them! We got up on Thanksgiving and I started working on desserts. Noah dropped Izabel's crib to the final level so she can't attempt to climb out anymore. A big milestone for her! Then we headed over to Aunt Ann's for a wonderful dinner of all of the traditional things. Izabel got to taste everything. She wasn't a big fan of turkey but she liked pretty much everything else and ate pretty well.

Daddy dropping the crib as low as it can go!
Izabel "helping" with the cribIzabel's first Thanksgiving dinnerIzzy and Mommy (I never got the family shot I wanted!)Izzy playing cards with Mimi
After dinner we all got ready for a scavenger hunt. We split into teams and each team got a list of things they had to take pictures with and a list of items to find and bring back. We had 3 hours to get as much of it done as we could. Each item was worth a certain amount of points and the team with the most points won. It was a lot of fun and everyone got very competitive. Before we knew it time was up. Noah and his sister's team won which was probably for the best since he is such a sore loser!
Then we all went back to our house where my family joined us for dessert. We had quite an array of choices including cheese cake, lemon pie, apple pie, eclair cake, banana pudding and a whole lot more! By the time we were done eating Izabel was so worked up that it took forever to get her to sleep but we were all exhausted and we all slept well!