Monday, January 26, 2009

A Little Progress!

We pretty much spent most of this weekend at home. On Friday night Noah went with his Aunt and Laurie to the hockey game and then over to his friend Ryan's house to hang out while Izabel and I went to bed early!
Saturday morning Noah managed to get up with Izabel so I got to sleep in a little and then his Aunt Ann came over to help him move furniture and paint Tanner's room! This was news to me and I already had plans to see a movie with Courtney. I was going to cancel my plans but they told me to go. Courtney and I saw Bride Wars and it was really cute. We decided to start going to chick flicks together every other weekend just to get out of the house and enjoy some girl time!

Finally getting some work done!

When I came home Tanner's room was painted and I was excited. We started talking about possibly laying wall-to-wall carpet in both bedrooms. Right now they are laminate floors which is pretty but cold and not so fun to play on. Since we are trying to make Izabel's room more like a playroom it makes more sense to have carpet. We went and got some samples from Lowes but then we ran into the question of whether or not we can lay carpet over laminate. Anyone know? I keep getting conflicting responses!
Noah got us subs for dinner and we watched Righteous Kill after Izabel went to bed. Sunday morning I got up with Izabel (of course she woke up early for me!) Noah's Aunt came over again as we were going to go out looking for carpet and do some comparison pricing. The problem with the laminate came up again so right now we don't know what we are going to do! When we got home they put the border up in Tanner's room and it came out so cute! I'm so excited to have that part done and I can't wait to get the furniture in there and start decorating! Then we got ready for bed and a new work week! Hope everyone is doing well!

Putting up the border!
Izabel staying busy while we worked!The final look
Close up of the paint and boarder
P.S. The Christmas lights finally came down this weekend as well!!!


Jackie said...

Aww so so cute! im impressed and good luck with the carpet thing...

Kim said...

Tanner's room looks so adorable! Can't wait to see it next week or so :)