Monday, February 9, 2009

16 Months and Other Updates

So I've still been suffering with a headache and blogging has been a little lacking this week but a lot has happened. On Wednesday I stayed home so I could take some medicine and try to sleep....yeah right! Izabel was up early and Noah felt motivated to get Tanner's room done so I didn't get that much rest but it was exciting to see the progress. Tanner's room now has furniture and is almost complete! (I'll try to take some pictures and get them up this week) We just have to pick up a few last things and we'll be ready to bring him home!
Friday afternoon Izabel and I went to Courtney's house for dinner. The ladies I eat lunch with decided we would have a dinner once a month to try out new recipes. Turns out they decided to make this month's dinner a surprise baby shower! I was definitely caught off-guard but it was a great surprise. It was just a little shower with the 6 of us but it was really nice of them to be so thoughtful and do something for me and Tanner. They even thought to bring a couple things for Izabel so she wouldn't feel left out!

Such a cheesy grin - I guess she liked the food!
Tanner's new Baby Neptune Gym
These are for me?Saturday Noah got up with Izabel who was in a terrible mood and I got to sleep a little later than usual. We pretty much hung out at home not really getting anything done. We all took a nap and then got ready to go to the hockey game. We decided to bring Izabel with us since we always see people with babies there. I have been very hesitant to do this but Noah thought she would do fine and she pretty much did. She had to be entertained but she enjoyed herself and it was nice to be able to go out and do something fun as a family.

Watching the game and having a snack
Go Admirals!
Izabel went right to bed when we got home and we were hoping she would sleep late since she was up so late but of course that didn't happen. She got up bright and early right about the time I woke up with a terrible migraine, probably the worst so far! That meant that Noah had to get up with her again and he wasn't too happy about it. When I was finally able to get up Noah went to play football and I tried to clean up some. Then he came home and made a big lunch with ham, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, corn and crescent rolls. We had his Aunt and sister over. Izabel was so excited to see her Aunt Theresa. We haven't seen her very much since she moved over to ODU. We had a nice visit with them and then we played until bedtime.
Sunday also marked 16 months for Izzy! She seems to be growing up so quickly and it is amazing how much older she will look from one day to the next. She's really expanded her verbal skills. She babbles a lot but she is using so many different sounds. She's also added signs for more and thank you which she has started to use regularly. She says please without being prompted which is really nice and she is just overall really funny. She mocks us and recently she's been mocking my dad. He hurt his back and was walking kind of hunched over. We'll ask her to show us how Granddaddy walks and she'll bend over and walk real slow. She'll also shake her fist at you if you tell her to give someone a knuckle sandwich. It is so funny and she gets a kick out of us laughing at her! She has about 11 or 12 teeth now which we brush every night. She's gotten really good at letting me get in there to really get them clean. She's a very picky eater and still wearing 9 month clothing but she is healthy and happy and we couldn't ask for a more loving little girl! She gives kisses and hugs regularly now. Sometimes she'll just walk up with her mouth open and wait for you to bend over to give her a kiss! It can cure any bad day!!!

16 Months Old!
So busy playing!
She couldn't even be bothered to look up for a picture!
My mom and dad are out of town so today I had to get Izabel up with me and take her to Ashleigh's house. She was not happy to be woken up so early but she went over and played with Braydon and had a great time! She didn't even cry when I left which was a relief. Since I don't have to leave her very often it's really hard when I do! Ashleigh has been sick and Braydon has a cold so we decided to have Theresa come babysit tomorrow and Thursday instead of taking Izabel back to Ashleigh's. I think she'll love having some time with Theresa that she has been missing since Theresa moved out. Hopefully Ashleigh and Braydon will be better soon and Izabel can go over and play with him again! She needs to get used to playing with other kids!
Well it's going to be a busy work week for me but if I can make it until Friday it's off to Massanutten for a little vacation!!! Hope everyone has a great week!