Thursday, May 7, 2009

1 month pics

This week so far has had it's ups and downs. We've had good nights and bad nights so of course I have good days and bad days based on how tired I am. Noah has been going into work at 11 so he's been able to get Izabel up and give her breakfast which is really helpful. Izabel has had a pretty yucky cold. I finally took her to the doctor on Tuesday because she had a fever for a while. They said she had a cold and an ear infection and put her on an antibiotic. She's slowly getting better and at least she isn't contagious anymore! Tanner has been having more tummy time and playing on the floor which Izabel loves. We have to stay very very close because she isn't always gentle but she wants him to be down there to play with her all the time!

Just hanging out
Playing with Tanner
Lots of loves
So sweet!
Gigi came to visit!
Lifting his head
Today we went and had Tanner's 1 month pictures taken and we got a couple good ones. We also had special pictures taken of Izabel but as hard as it is they are going to have to remain secret for now! You'll see why soon. For now enjoy some pics from this week and the 1 month pics of Tanner!


Ashford Family said...

Izabel is looking so cute and grown-up and Tanner is SOOOOO adorable!

maria said...

wow he is so adorable... and so wide awake for the pictures. i cant wait to see him and everyone else.