Friday, May 1, 2009

Play Dates and First Bath!

Tuesday we had a play date at Macarthur Mall with RJ and Rylee. We love playing at the play places at Macarthur and Lynnhaven because they are gated in and everything is soft and safe so Izabel can run around and have a great time without having to get me to help her do everything and I can watch her play while taking care of Tanner! Izabel had a blast and she even had a cute little boy following her around, RJ didn't seem to mind!

Wednesday Tanner was three weeks old and his cord stump finally fell off! It was about time! He finally got to have a real bath and he still wasn't a fan of being wet. We thought he would like it better than sponge baths but I guess he'll have to grow into it!

Thursday we played at the mall again because I had some returns to make before it was May and too late! A bigger boy knocked Izabel off the slide but other than that she had a great time again!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!