Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Graduation, Some Pics and a Funny Video!

Over the weekend I had graduation for school. It gets kind of old having to sit through graduation every year but it's nice to see the seniors I know walk across the stage and it always ends up being a nice event. Saturday night we went out for mexican and a drink or two with Courtney and we had a great time. Then on Sunday I had a tastefully simple party with lots of yummy food to try. The concept is good food and seasonings that only require one or two additional ingredients. We had a lovely afternoon and I ordered the fantastic sangria that we tried. I can't wait to get it and take it with me to Humaira's house for a girls weekend! This week I've been home with the kids and we've been trying to settle into a routine. Tanner is starting to sleep longer and I am trying to do a little around the house each day to make my life a little more manageable and have more time to play and do things with the kids! We have a busy couple of days left of the week and a birthday party to go to this weekend so I'll be back soon with more info and pics! Hope you have a great week!

Me and Courtney at our last Graduation together :(
Me, Courtney and Candace...we all started together 3 years ago!
Izzy before bed
Tanner nice and comfortable with Mrs. Courtney!
Tanner with two of Izzy's babies!
All wrapped up after his bath

Love the new robe...thanks Becky!
Don't forget the cute little slippers!

Check out this video...Izabel falls asleep sometimes while she is eating but this time she wasn't in the regular high chair so she didn't have anywhere to rest her head. I know I'm a bad mommy for filming it before I got her out but it was so funny and I swear I got her out as soon as the video stopped! 


maegan said...

hey ketchledge family its maegan i just saw your video of izzy and it was so cute but your not a bad mommy for taping that if i had a child i probably would have done the same thing as you did. by the way my moms e-mail address is ok no spaces all lower case letters.

HUMAIRA said...

I cant wait for our girl night with sangria either :) the video is so cute and funny...i love my baby girl..miss you bunches