Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Blair!

Yesterday we took Izabel and Tanner to Blair's first birthday party! There were tons of kids there and Izabel had a blast. Tanner was a little overwhelmed but a long as we were holding him he was fine. Blair got tons of great presents and didn't mind at all when the other kids "helped" her play with them. She opened a few and then pretty much gave up and Michelle finished for her. She had a ducky cake that was so cute and she was very neat while eating her piece. It was pretty hot and there were a lot of people but I think everyone had a good time! We even got to see Courtney and Austin who just got married and moved back from Georgia! We're so glad we got to share your special day with you Blair! We hope you had a great time and we are looking forward to playing with you lots this summer!!!

Time for gotta love that hat!
Blair likes the bow, the other kids like the toys and Michelle is opening the presents!
Nick was throwing the tissue paper for the dog to shred!
Time for some yummy cake!She didn't make a mess at all! What kind of 1 year old is she???

After the party we had a few people over to cookout and swim in the pool since it was finally ready! My friend Candace brought her son Drew over. He is three and Izabel had a great time playing with him. It was so cute! RJ may have some competition now!!! Izabel loved swimming in the pool and was so mad when we made her get out for dinner. She fell asleep in her high chair but when we got her out she woke up and wanted to get back in the pool. We thought she would sleep great when she finally went to bed but she woke up twice in the middle of the night! I can't remember the last time she didn't sleep at least 10 hours straight but she didn't get a nap yesterday and there was a lot going on so I think she was a bit over tired! Overall Noah and I both agreed that we had a really nice day together as a family!

Time to cool off with Daddy
Eating watermelon with Drew...these will be great blackmail pictures when they are older!
Love this pic of Drew! He was giggling because the jet was tickling his tummy!
Candace and Tanner laughing at Drew
Izabel trying to get tickled by the jet too!
Izzy was trying to give Drew kisses and he was swimming away! I think we're in trouble!!!