Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Weekend

Our 4th of July weekend was fabulous and even though we are exhausted today we had a great time! It started on Thursday when my Aunt Gerlinda, Cousin Becky and her kids Jacob and Tobi came into town from Georgia. After getting all our chores done and running some errands we headed over to my mom's house to visit with them. The last time my aunt and cousin were here was for our wedding! We played inside for a while and then we all got in the pool. The pool was freezing because it is pretty shaded. We stayed in as long as could for the kids but when they started shivering we were out of there! Then Izabel and Tobi played for a while inside. They did NOT get along! They were fighting like crazy over the toys. I have never seen Izabel act like that but Tobi was being the same way. We finally broke up the fighting and headed home.

Izabel and Tobi
Becky and Me with Tobi and Izabel

Friday morning everyone met at my house to go play at Kangaroo Jac's. This is the indoor inflatable place we went to last weekend. We thought Jacob and Tobi would enjoy it and it would help us keep them entertained without fighting! They had a blast and Izabel was certainly happy to be back. She knew exactly what to do and even managed to do a couple of them all by herself. We also ran into a new friend from a playgroup which was fun as well! After we played for about an hour and a half we went to McDonalds for lunch and then headed home to take a nap! Later on Noah and I met Amy and Ray as well as Becky up at Keegans for dinner and a few drinks. We had a great time and it was nice to get out for a while and spend some time with Noah!

Climbing up all by herself
and coming down all by herself!

For our actually 4th of July celebration we spent the day at my mom's house for a cookout and pool party. We had lots and lots of food and I made a very yummy and pretty (if I do say so myself) flag cake! We were in and out of the pool and I brought the picnic table and let Tobi and Izabel finger paint but they had the most fun just playing with the hose! Izabel would hold it up and Tobi would put his head under it which they both thought was big fun! Eventually they were both exhausted and with no naps they were pretty cranky. We can usually see the fireworks at Mt. Trashmore from my mom's backyard but we didn't make it that long. We were home and in bed before I started hearing them and Izabel was so tired she didn't move once! 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and we had a great one this year!

My Yummy Flag Cake!
Happy First 4th of July!
Family Pic
Grandaddy and Izzy in the pool...I love this pic of them!
Daddy and Tanner taking a nap together
Finger painting...she had to taste it first but then she got the hang of it!
I think Tobi had more fun painting himselfDrenching Tobi with the hose!Tanner even had patriotic pajamas!
Sunday we got up and went to Sunday school and then Noah called and said he would be home early and he wanted to go do something with Izabel. I think he was a little jealous of me getting to take Izabel to jump so he took her back to Kangaroo Jac's and I think this time he had more fun than she did! It was a rainy day so the place was packed and Izabel was pretty cranky. A lot of the big kids aren't very patient with the little ones. They had a nice time together though. Then we went to dinner and Izabel slept in Noah's arms until the food came. Aunt Theresa came over when we got home and Noah and I went to see Public Enemies. We weren't very impressed. It's a true story and it was interesting but it was slow and I kept waiting for it to be over. My recommendation: wait for it to come out on dvd!

Here they come
She loved having time with Daddy
Kisses in the tunnelSliding down together
I had to have a little fun too!
Like I said we had a great weekend and it was really great to finally get to spend some time as a family! We loved having Daddy around lots this weekend and already miss him terribly today! We hope everyone else had as wonderful a holiday as we did!


Jackie said...

aww so cute! Miss you guys and I love the pic of you and izzy the very last pic with you having fun too you look soo does shes =) wonderful post