Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Playdates and Playgroups!

We've used in the past to find other moms and kids for us to hang out with. In fact that is how I met Rebecca last year! We've recently joined two play groups for kids that were born in 2007. That means that all of the kids are around the same age as Izabel and a lot of them have little brothers and sisters Tanner's age as well! Rebecca belongs to one of the playgroups we joined so Izabel already knows someone when we go to their events.

Monday we met Rebecca, RJ, Rylee and Phyllis at Lynnhaven Mall to play for a little bit. I had to pick up Tanner's 2 month pics and it was too hot to play outside at the park so we headed to the play place! Izabel has been having a hard time being patient with other kids and has been doing a little hitting! We're working on it but she wasn't very good while we were there. She ended up sitting with me several times :( No pics from this playdate because I was holding Tanner and constantly having to go get Izabel and make her have a time out!

Tuesday we met the new playgroup called Little Ones of 2007 at Macarthur Mall. I was a little hesitant to go to this playgroup because after I had emailed the organizer of the group Rebecca told me some not so good things about them but since I had already made arrangements to go I figured I would check it out for myself. I actually had a great time. They were all very friendly and every mom came up and introduced herself and talked to me. Izabel was still doing a little hitting but behaved a little better. I had lunch with some of the moms and found out they have a book club! That is really exciting to me because I am going to have time to read again one day and maybe this will help me try to find the time and give me someone to talk to about what I read! I've been hoping to find a good book club for a while! I decided to join the playgroup and see how it goes but so far so good! No pics again but this time it was because I was too busy talking! My sister and my dad came over to hang out in the evening. This is the hardest part of the day for me because I am tired after a long day and usually a long night and Noah is not home to help do dinner or baths or bedtime at all during the week so Amy and Dad have been trying to stop by every once in a while to lend a hand!

Wednesday we planned to go to a playdate with the other playgroup. This one is called 2007 Kids and this is the one Rebecca is in as well. The playdate today was supposed to be a music class but but there was some kind of mix up with the teacher so we ended up just playing on the playground outside at the church. Izabel loved the huge playground and she climbed all over it all by herself but it was SO hot so we didn't stay too long. We went with Rebecca and RJ to the new McDonalds because they were giving away free cheeseburgers but it wasn't so packed we couldn't even find a parking spot so we ended up at Tropical Smoothie. Izabel and RJ loved their smoothies and they were so cute together like they always are! They both have always been cute but they seem to be getting cuter now that they are older. RJ is doing a lot of talking and can pretty much say anything you want him to (and some things you might not) which is a little frustrating since Izabel still doesn't say hardly anything but we know it will happen suddenly and once she starts she'll never stop! I did actually get some pics from this playdate! After naptime we went to wal-mart to try and find some pool floats for Izzy. We plan to be in the pool a lot the next few days while my cousins are here visiting!

She's not afraid at all!
RJ is too cute!Sliding...can't forget the sippy cup!
Best friends!
Rebecca and Izzy

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday weekend! Enjoy all the cookouts, pool time, and fireworks and don't forget to wear your red, white, and blue! (Old Navy has $2 flag tanks on Friday if you don't have one yet!)