Monday, July 27, 2009

For Sale!

I am trying to clear all of the things we don't use out of here so I am starting to sell some things to friends that are having babies and I've been posting some of them on craigslist. Now that Tanner is on formula we could use a little extra cash so I thought I would post a couple of the items that I haven't sold on here in case any of you or your friends might be interested! Email me if there is something you want and I'll be posting new things soon!

Baby Papasan Infant Seat by Fisher Price
It vibrates and plays music and the
fabric part can go in the washer and dryer

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump
plus tons of extra accessories and bottles
Extras Include:
*2 extra breast shields and connectors (a total of four)
*2 extra membranes (a total of 6)
* a hands free strap (works really well)
*2 boxes of pump and save bags
*14 2.5 ounces medeal pump and save bottles
*3 extra pumping bottles (a total of 7)
*3 medela 5 ounce bottles
*3 evenflo 5 ounce bottles
*quick clean micro steam bag from medela
*quick clean wipes from medela