Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Friendly Visit and Weekend Updates!

Last Tuesday Noah's Aunt Deb and cousins Maverick and Gage came to town to visit for a few days and pick up Maegan. We haven't seen them since last summer so we were excited for them to come. They got in early Wednesday morning and headed straight to the beach while we took Maegan and went to the zoo. We got to hang out for a while with them in the afternoon and then they headed back down to the beach for dinner and we headed home for bed.

On Thursday they headed back to the beach while we went to the Pretlow Library for a playdate. After nap we headed over to Auntie's house to visit with them and have a great family dinner. Noah went over to play cards after he got off work so he could have some time as well.

Tanner playing with Aunt Deb and Maverick
He smiles so much we can't wait for him to laugh out loud!
Izzy didn't take her nap so she crashed on Auntie's couch for a while
Theresa and Kate decided to have a photo shoot with my camera!
I think this one is my favorite :)

On Friday we all headed to Ocean Breeze and we had a great time. Then we came home while they went to see Harry Potter. They came over after the movie to play pool and cards. We had a nice time but we called it an early night since we were all so exhausted from the long day at Ocean Breeze.

They spent a good part of the day Saturday getting Maverick a new tattoo so we didn't see them but we ran a bunch of errands and then all four took a nap! In the afternoon I went to visit my sister who is recovering from gallbladder surgery and she is doing very well. Then Laurie called and asked if we wanted a babysitter for the evening! Of course we did! We were so excited to go out and she was so excited to spend time with the kids so it worked out perfectly. The kids were great for her (although Tanner was crying pretty hard when we left) and everything went smoothly. Noah and I went to dinner at Lonestar (I wouldn't recommend the shrimp and crab gratin) and then to the movies to see The Ugly Truth. I thought it was hilarious and Noah liked it enough but it was definitely a chick flick! We stopped by Aunties to say good-bye to everyone and then headed home to bed.

Today I was browsing through craigslist and came across a swing set that looked pretty good for Izzy. I called right away expecting to already have been sold like usual but to my surprise it was available so we headed straight over to see it. It is pretty faded but in great shape so we paid for it and went back later with my brother and dad to bring it home. Izzy is so excited about it but I want to get it cleaned up before I let her play on it so that will be tomorrow's project and I will post pictures of it then. For now here is a picture of a new one from the manufacturer's website so you get the idea. I'm thinking about buying the spray paint for plastics to clean it up and make it look nice and pretty again but we'll see if it actually gets accomplished! I hope everyone had a great week/weekend. I go back to work in three days!!!