Monday, August 17, 2009

A New Milestone and Weekend Updates

This weekend was pretty laid back. Friday we planned to go to WOW at the botanical gardens but the weather looked pretty yucky so we just stayed at home. Turned out to be a good choice because it started pouring mid-morning and continued the rest of the day. Saturday we thought about going to WOW again but it still looked really overcast so we went to BJs to get some groceries instead. We went home for a quick nap and then headed out to Uncle Ray's birthday party! It was at his sister Kim's house. Kim has 4 kids and some of Ray's friends have kids so there were plenty of people for Izzy to play with. Of course she did her fair share of hitting as we are still battling that problem, but she had a good time. Then Saturday night I went to Guadalajara with Courtney and Candace for a couple drinks. We had a great time but I hadn't been feeling well all day and through the night and Sunday morning I felt terrible. Noah had already planned to take the day off (he was trying to convince me to let him go to Atlantic City again) so he stayed home so I could stay in bed for a little. I didn't actually get any extra sleep since I had been up all night but at least I didn't have to get up and stay up! Later in the afternoon Noah and I went to Cinema Cafe and finally saw Transformers 2. I really liked it although I did not like the Greenbrier Cinema Cafe. We came home and played with Izzy and Tanner, had dinner, did baths and headed to bed after cleaning up some. Now it is back to work for another long week! I'm back to regular hours which means no more Fridays off :( Oh well, we can still play and do fun things in the afternoons!
(Sorry I don't have any pics from this weekend, but for some reason I never managed to grab the camera!!!)

Milestone Update: Saturday morning Tanner was laying on his playmat and he ROLLED OVER! He's been rolling onto his side for a long time and I often find him that way in his crib but this was the first time he made it from flat on his back all the way to his stomach. He wasn't upset on his stomach either. He had to work a while to get his arm out from under him and push himself up but once he got there he was happy for a little while until he got tired! He has his 4 month appointment tomorrow and I can't wait to see how big he has gotten!!!