Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tanner's 4 Month Well Check

Yesterday I took Tanner to see Dr. Scott for his 4 month well check. He is 16 lbs 9 oz (75th percentile) and 26 inches (90th percentile). He's still gaining as he should be but he has dropped some in the percentile for his weight so that is good for him. He's doing really well on the formula and Dr. Scott said everything looked perfect. Tanner was just watching him and smiling the whole time (until the shots of course). He has some cradle cap that I have been working on but other than that he is happy and healthy and developing exactly like he should be. Dr. Scott was really happy with Tanner's head control, rolling over and how long is he sleeping!

He took one oral vaccine and then got two shots with a couple different vaccines in them. The nurse did it by herself so she stuck him two different times instead of doing both at once. I wasn't happy about that but Tanner calmed down after a minute and I brought a bottle for him so he was fine. He was a little fussy in the evening and didn't sleep too well but that's to be expected sometimes!

Dr. Scott said we could start on solids whenever we are ready. He knows I prefer to wait until Tanner is closer to the 6 month mark but we still talked about starting with rice cereal for a week or two and then moving to vegetables and then fruits and doing each different one for a couple days before moving on to a new one. It wasn't that long ago that we did all of this with Izzy so we're pretty comfortable with making the transition and we will probably start with the cereal in a few more weeks. Earth's Best baby food (our favorite organic jar food) was on sale at Babies R Us yesterday so I did start stocking up on the level one fruits and veggies!

Even though the appointment was for Tanner we talked a little bit about Izzy. I told him about her hitting and he said it probably had more to do with having a new baby at home than any stranger anxiety. He said we should reprimand her for it but try to really praise her when she goes to a play date and doesn't hit. I'm still waiting for that to happen! He's hopeful that it will pass before her 2 year visit. He said that she won't grow up to be a bully but it probably means that she will be a girl who sticks up for herself which is a good thing!

It was a good check up and we'll be back to see Dr. Scott again towards the end of October!