Sunday, September 13, 2009

Boardwalk Walk!

We met the playgroup down at the beach Wednesday afternoon for a walk and to play at the park. It was really nice in town but when we got down to the beach is was windy, chilly and starting to sprinkle! We walked a little ways and pushing the double stroller against the wind was quite a workout! Then we stopped at one of the parks on the beach and let the kids play. Izabel was so funny. She's been to the beach before but she wasn't too sure about walking in the sand. She wanted to walk over to the playground very badly but she kept turning around wanting me to hold her hand! We played for just a minute and then it started to sprinkle so we got back in the stroller and headed back to the car. It was nice to get to talk to the other moms even though it was only for a little while. We are really starting to like this group!

Not too sure about the sand!
Giving it a shot, about a second later she reached for my hand
Some of the moms and kids
Everyone that made it to this playdate
(Tanner is hiding in the back of the stroller!)