Sunday, September 13, 2009

5 and 23!

On Tuesday the 8th Tanner turned 5 months and Izzy turned 23! Of course this was the first day of school so I was super busy and I am just now managing to do this post! Oh well, better late than never right?

Izabel is jabbering 100 miles an hour lately, unfortunately she is still speaking another language! She has added a couple words though. My mom watches Deal or No Deal in the afternoons and Izzy loves to cheer for the contestant. She also loves Howie and if you ask her who she watches on tv she will quickly say "HowiE" She also loves pizza and asks for "pissa" for dinner every night! She says bless you when we sneeze but she says "ma mama" and she'll say it over and over until you say thank you! She is also getting pretty good at saying "amen" at the end of her prayers every night! She knows where everything is so if you lose something you just have to ask Izabel where it went! She can jump pretty high and get both feet off the ground at the same time. She LOVES to jump and I'm working on a way to make that the theme for her big party next month! (If I can manage to get the invites out very soon!) She also loves to play little mother. She loves taking care of Tanner and helping us with him but she is also getting more and more interested in taking care of her babies. Molly is now her favorite doll. She'll walk around with her, rock her, bounce her, play with her and dress her. She still has to have nana and bebe to go to bed though! She is so funny and I can't believe she will be TWO next month! She is turning into a little kid instead of a baby and it is so much fun to watch!

We finally found her a rug for her room and she loves it!

Tanner is the cutest little man ever! He is happy all the time and he smiles with his whole face! He has gotten really good at rolling over and is constantly halfway across the carpet before I turn around. He rolls over in his crib too which frequently wakes him up and in turn wakes me up! We started him on rice cereal just the other day and he loves it! It took him a few days to get the spoon thing down but now you can't get the food in his mouth fast enough. Of course no one ever thought we would have a problem getting this guy to eat!!! We'll be trying oatmeal and his first vegetables soon! He's pretty good at standing up when you hold his hands and he has gained a real awareness for all of the cool toys and things around him. He actually plays with everything in his entertainer and swing and tries to reach the toys on his playmat. He's wearing 6 month clothes and size 2-3 diapers. He loves Izabel but he gives you this look when she is driving him crazy. You can almost see him thinking "Help please!" It's so funny! So far so good on sicknesses too! Knock on wood, but he has only seen doctor Scott for well visits and we hope it stays that way! Of course we're coming into flu season and I bring tons of germs home from school but hopefully we can keep everyone healthy around here!

The sweetest boy in the whole world!
Having a great time in the entertainer
Not too sure about the cereal
Getting pretty close to the "help" look!

I think that pretty much brings you up to date on what these two are doing! I'm going to try to get Tanner's 5 month pictures done today so they should be posted soon. Noah and I are doing well just crazy busy! I can't wait until October is over and he is back on a truck and home with us more! With me being in school and Noah working all the time I feel like we never see each other. We have lots of fun events planned this fall and of course all the fun holidays so stay tuned for lots of updates!