Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Labor day weekend was a four day weekend for me and Noah had Friday and Saturday off. Our plan was to go to Ocean Breeze for the last time this summer on Friday so we got all ready and headed down there with Izzy and my brother Josh but it was so windy and chilly that we didn't think it was a good day for us to go. We headed back to the house a little bummed but changed and headed back out to shop for a new computer! Our home computer crashed a while back and although we were able to recover the files (thank goodness!) the computer was too old to really put any money into fixing. We looked at laptops and really liked the Macbook Pro but we aren't ready to make that big of a purchase yet! Friday evening we went to the Kecoughtan football game (the high school I work at). We took Izabel and happened to sit next to my new principal, some guidance counselors, the athletic director and my ap. It worked out really well for me because Izabel put on the cutest little show and everyone LOVED her! She would raise both hands for touchdown and clap and say "Yay" every time we started cheering. She was so good even though it was way past her bedtime by the time we left and it helped me work on a good relationship with the new principal!

Go Warriors! They won 16-14
Izabel with the new friend she made at the game

Noah got up early Saturday morning to head to work for a few hours (we can use all the overtime we can get) and Izzy, Tanner and I headed to the Children's Museum with the play group. We are really starting to like this group a lot and the leader off the group has a son that is only a few days older than Izzy. His name is Andy and I'm sure you'll be hearing lots about him in the future. The Children's Museum was great. I think Izzy really enjoyed it although it was a struggle letting her play and staying with Tanner. The museum is now closed for renovations for 18 months :( but we'll be visiting the one in Richmond soon and we can't wait for ours to reopen!

After a quick nap we got all decked out to head to the ODU football game!!! It was the first time ODU had a football game in 70 years (long before it was even ODU). There was so much excitement all over campus and the place was packed! Izabel wore her ODU cheerleader outfit and pigtails and everyone we walked past made a comment about how cute she was. While we were walking around several cheerleaders came running up and asked to take their picture with her and then we got some more pictures with her and the cheerleaders on the field! The game was great and ODU beat Chowan 36-21. What a great way to start off the season! We have season tickets so you'll be hearing about a lot of football this fall!

Sunday morning Noah headed to work and my mom came over to stay with the kids so I could head to Barnes and Noble to work on my class. I am taking two classes for grad school this semester: Foundations of Career and Technical Education and Advanced Educational Psychology! Sounds fun right?!?! I worked through my psychology chapter and then took my test. I have an 88 average right now so I'd say I'm doing alright. I have to take 1-2 tests a week for psychology with 2 papers this semester and write 1-2 papers a week for the CTE classes so I am staying VERY busy with that! After I was done I took the kids out to Suffolk for a Labor Day cookout at my friend Candice's house. Her son is Drew who had a date with Izabel earlier this summer! He is twice her age but adorable and she had a good time playing with him and the two other kids who were there. They got to swim for a little while but Izabel's lips quickly turned purple so the mean mom that I am made her get out! Noah was able to meet us there after work and we had a nice evening.

Drew picked Izabel up for their date in his Escalade!
She kind of freaked out when he started driving
but it was still SO cute!
Eating dinner with the big kids!

Monday I spent the morning cleaning as much as possible. We got all the laundry done (including sheets, blankets and towels) and cleaned pretty much the whole house. Then we headed out in the rain to do some back-to-school shopping! I really need some new clothes. After about three years of maternity clothes I have nothing that fits or is even clothes to in style! I went in as many stores and tried on as many clothes as I could with both kids but I didn't find anything worth buying! It was so depressing but I guess it's better than finding a bunch of things I want but can't afford. We came home and got all ready for bed and the upcoming work week. It's so sad to go back to school full-time but at least I had a great long weekend with the kids before the craziness began!!!