Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Town!

Last night we took the kids to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens. It was the final night of the event and I had been wanting to go so badly. Luckily Auntie Ann called and said she was going with the Michaels and they had two extra tickets! We put a ton of layers on the kids and headed out. We picked up Jackie on the way since she was going to come visit us and we got there right as it started getting dark.

It wasn't very crowded at all and we parked right in the front. As soon as we started walking toward the park Izabel started yelling "dights, dights!" She has been loving all the Christmas lights this year so the park was heaven for her. We walked through the penguin exhibit and saw real penguins. Then we went to watch a show a warm up in Germany. I fed both of the kids and then we went out to walk around some more. Izabel actually rode the kiddie swings and the carousel. They were her first amusement park rides! I thought she was going to freak out but she did pretty well and said she liked it. We visited the Clydesdales and then headed out. It was pretty cold but we had a great time and it was really nice to spend the evening with Jackie!

Jackie and Tanner
Izzy and Daddy
Checking out all the lights
Izzy on the swings
The three of us on the carousel
Tanner was there too but he stayed bundled up!
Izzy petting the horsey
Family pic
Izzy wanted a picture of "just me!"
Just the girls