Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We had a very nice relaxing Christmas this year. It was Tanner's first Christmas and he was actually old enough to enjoy it a little bit (unlike Izabel's 1st!)

On Wednesday I took the kids to the mall to finish up a few last minute gifts. While we were there I let the kids play for a little bit. Then we came home and finished wrapping and started baking.

Tanner loved that he could actually play this time!

Christmas Eve Izabel and I baked all day! Then we got dressed up and headed out to Christmas Eve service at church. It was great to see some of our friends and listen to the beautiful music. We came home and had dinner and Izabel got to open her first gift...Christmas PJs! Then she put out milk and cookies for Santa. We told her she had to go to sleep so Santa could come so she climbed in the chair beside the tree and pretended to sleep! If I thought she would sleep all night I would have left her there!

Helping Mommy bake with her new baking supplies!
Family Pic in front of the tree
"What Santa doesn't bring me Grandma will"
This was definitely the case!
Pouring milk for Santa
Leaving some yummy cookies (thanks Aunt Joyce!)
Christmas morning she ran out and started yelling
"Ho, ho, ho ate the cookies!"
The calm before the storm!
Christmas morning Tanner woke up first so we brought him in bed with us like normal. Then I hopped in the shower and Izabel was up when I got out. We all got dressed and made breakfast. Aunt Theresa and Peter came over and we all sat down to eat (we realize we won't be able to move this slowly in the years to come!) Then we finally got to presents. We started with stockings which is our tradition and then moved on to the gifts. We all got lots of great gifts! Noah got a new HP laptop (so he can stop stealing my work one) and I got a Wii, wii fit and wii resort, and some new PJs. Izabel and Tanner got tons of toys including fridge phonics and farm, a leapfrog tag jr, giant towels and bath mits, a baseball toy, puzzles, books and lots of clothes. After opening presents we got everything together and headed over to my mom's house for round two. Both kids got new ride on toys. Izabel got a tea set, lots of blocks, more puzzles and books, slippers, and so much more! Tanner got some laugh and learn and little people toys, a stackable toy set, slippers and clothes. We got some free babysitting along with some other great gifts! My siblings and our spouses all did a chinese auction for Christmas this year since money is tight for everyone. I got the Monopoly City game and Noah got $25 worth of lottery tickets (he only won $8). We had a great dinner with everyone and then headed home since we were completely exhausted. Noah and I stayed up playing games after the kids went to bed. We had a great day and we hope everyone did too!

The stockings were too full to hang!
Izabel loved her fruit snacks and new cups the most
Helping Tanner with his stocking
Tanner had no problem ripping into his gifts
Izabel showed Tanner how everything worked
Tanner and Granddaddy
Izzy with her new tea set...we've already had some tea parties
Another family picIzzy rode her "car" all over the house and the neighborhood
My family with their gifts