Friday, April 9, 2010

Birthday Trip to the Zoo

I took Izabel and Tanner and met Candace and Drew at the zoo for Tanner's birthday. We had a great time and we'll be going back a lot this summer! Enjoy the pics and then continue scrolling down to see all the updates...1st Birthday Pictures, Easter, and Family Vacation.


maegan said...

omg whitney it is maegan and i am actually in virginia rite now with mom to get gram and bring her back up to vt but i want to say omg the babies have gotten soooo big it is crazy i have missed them and you and naoh soooo much i dint want to leave over the summer but i had to cause of skol but i really hope i can come down over the summer but me and mom should be over to see you noah and the babies before we leave! i really wanted to come down at tanners birthday but i couldnt but i still was thinking of yall every day! i still cant get over how big tanner is he like an ompa lumpa it is adorable i luv him and izzy HOLLY MOULLY izzy looks so toll its crazy but we should be seeing you guys (girls) like tomorrow (friday) some time