Friday, April 9, 2010


Even though this wasn't technically Tanner's first Easter, it was the first one he actually got to celebrate. Thursday night we went to the mall for our family Easter pics. Afterwards we went down to the food court for dinner and to see the Easter bunny. Izabel wasn't interested but we did get a few shots of Tanner.

For Easter Sunday we were in Massanutten so we didn't get to celebrate in our normal way. We woke up and took the kids out to see their Easter baskets. The Easter bunny was very generous! Izabel got tons of art supplies including paints, markers and crayons. We like the color wonder stuff from Crayola. It still makes some mess but is a lot cleaner than regular paints and markers! She also got The Princess and the Frog on DVD. Tanner got a bubble blower, a guitar toy and Cars on DVD. After going through the Easter baskets Izabel went on an egg hunt around the house. She found all of the eggs and was thrilled to discover they were filled with stickers and candy!

Easter baskets!
My two little them!
We had breakfast and then after Tanner's morning nap we headed down to the park. The resort had set up a giant Easter egg hunt for all of the kids and it was packed! Izabel played for a while and then we headed over to hunt for the eggs. They split the kids so Izabel was with the 5 and under group, but she still had a hard time keeping up. She only got two eggs because every time she would head towards one, another kid would beat her to it and pick it up. She had fun anyway and was thrilled with the candy she got. Tanner managed to get one egg too but he was not interested in touching the grass to get it! I'm sure that will be changing in the near future :)

Me and my little man!
Ready to get some eggs!Family pic
We dyed Easter eggs and did some painting, had a quick and easy dinner, and then settled in to watch Izzy's new movie. It's cute but a little dark and close to crossing the line as far as I'm concerned.

Our colorful Easter eggs
Izabel's Easter art!
We had a great Easter even though we were away. We hope everyone enjoyed their day!