Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Haircut, Sickies, and Some Random Pics

On Tuesday Tanner finally got his first haircut! For a boy to go over 14 months before his first haircut is kind of crazy. We kept saying we needed to get it done but we just hadn't gotten there yet. My mom came over to see how the kids were doing and gave them both a haircut while she was here. Since I was holding Tanner and she was cutting we didn't get any pics, but I do have some after shots. He no longer has a mullet! Hooray!

Over Father's Day Weekend Izabel complained a lot about her mouth hurting. I thought maybe it was her teeth or something and kind of left it alone. By Sunday she had sores in her mouth and on her bottom. She was barely eating because her mouth hurt and she would scream every time she put something in her mouth. Monday morning I took her to the Dr. where they confirmed it was Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. Who knows where she got it from but it's very contagious so we have been stuck at home all week. All that I can give her is Benedryl so we came home and she passed out on the couch.

Of course by the end of the day Tanner had it too so I gave him some Benedryl before bed thinking it would help both of them sleep. I was SO wrong. It has the opposite reaction on some kids and evidently Tanner is one of them. He was literally up ALL night. At about 4:30am I put him in his crib, shut my door and let him cry. He cried forever and then a little while later Izabel got up! Not the greatest day for me. The next night wasn't much better but now today they both seem much better and we are starting to get some sleep. Hopefully by the weekend all the sores will be gone and we can rejoin the world outside of our house!

And for some random pictures...

Izabel painted a birthday card for Mrs. Sherri...
she may have had a little help with the message :)

Izabel and Tanner hanging out at Ocean Breeze...I'm afraid this may have been where they picked up the virus, but of course they could have gotten it anywhere!