Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Festivities!

Halloween this year was a crazy time since my mom was not around for the festivities. We tried our best to celebrate anyway because we didn't want the kids to miss out. We started on Friday of Halloween weekend with Izabel's pumpkin patch parade and party at school. My Dad and Aunts went to watch but Noah and I had to work. my Dad video taped it with the camcorder instead of the camera so if I can figure out how to get that up here I will. That night we took a trip to the aquarium for their Halloween event. Candace, Matt and Drew came with us and even though Noah and I were way to exhausted we ended up having a great time! They had lots of activities along with mascots, radio disney, and a puppet show. The kids had a blast and everyone commented on Captain Hook's cute costume!

On Saturday I took the kids to Trevor's house for a Halloween party. She did a great job planning the party and we had a blast hanging out with some of Izzy and Tanner's little friends. They had snacks, a craft, spooky bowling and lots of fun! That evening me and the kids hung out at home while Noah took my Dad to a hockey game. it was a great distraction for both of them.

Halloween was the first time either of my kids had every really trick-or-treated. We have always done the event at the church, but they didn't have it this year so we just went around the neighborhood. Izabel had been practicing saying "trick-or-treat" all week and she knew exactly what to do. Tanner really didn't know what was going on but it only took him a couple houses to figure it out! Once they knew we could go to any houses with a light on they wouldn't let us skip a single one. We were ready to call it a night long before they were. I'm a bad mommy for not getting a picture of all the candy but we had a blast and got way more candy than we needed (don't worry Mom we are saving some of your favorites for you!)

I'm glad the kids were able to have a good time even though life has been hard. We're trying to keep their lives as normal as possible but of course that isn't easy. I hope everyone else had an awesome Halloween in whatever way you decided to celebrate!

P.S. Sorry for all the crappy pictures...I can't find my camera cord so I only have the ones from my phone :(