Sunday, November 7, 2010

Report Card

I took off work on Thursday so that I could go to Izabel's parent-teacher conference and try to get some errands run and the house back in order since I have been spending every afternoon in the hospital. It ended up being a very productive day and even the kids closets got cleaned out!

The conference was really cute. I was worried that Izabel's behavior had gone downhill because of all the stresses at home, but it is just the opposite. She is doing great and even though she still has some timeouts the number has drastically decreased. Her teacher, Ms. Michelle, made a little report card for each student along with pictures of Izzy in class. The report card had Izzy's hand prints on the front. They asked her for her address which she could tell them and her phone number which she could not.

Izzy was Princess for a day on her birthday!
For gross motor skills she has mastered running, hopping and the balance beam. She hasn't really gotten skipping yet but that is a tough one! For fine motor skills she is right handed :( and has mastered cutting, pasting, and writing straight and diagonal lines. Her speech was measured a few weeks ago and that is all age-appropriate.

For social development she got some of the time for cooperates with teachers and shares equipment with peers which of course we expected. She got most of the time for responds positively to correction (an improvement), follows simple directions and participates in group activities.

For academic development she is doing really well. She recognizes every color, shape and upper case letter on the list. She also identified quite a few lower case letters, numbers, and consonant sounds. She can identify and continue patterns with shapes, colors, and sizes and can understand every preposition except for below and beside. She can complete 2 scene sequences and some rhyming words and has good listening skills.

When asked who her favorite friends were she named off everyone in the class. On a fun note, every other kid in the class named Izabel when they were asked that question! Her favorite activites were playdough and playing with dolls. It makes her happy when she is the time keeper and line leader. When she grows up she wants to be a cow and we are going to make so much fun of her for this when she gets older! She likes to go on the farm and on hayrides with her family.

Her teachers said "Izabel is a very happy and friendly child. She is always happy to be at school and has many friends. Izabel enjoys doing individual work and being a helper in class. She has made significant progress with sharing and listening. Izabel is a joy to have in class!" Of course this is all great to hear and the school has been amazingly helpful and understanding with our present circumstances. We are very happy that Izabel is able to go to school here and we are so proud of her!!