Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Choo Choo, Tanner's Two!


On Friday we celebrated Tanner's 2nd birthday!!! I can't believe my baby boy is two! He's so grown up and yet still my baby boy all at the same time. I got to spend the morning of his birthday with him while Izabel was out school. We did some shopping for his birthday present together and then we started some baking for his big party. My mom came over to cut his hair and then we were out the door to pick up Izzy and head to Tanner's 2 year well check!

He's still not really talking but Izabel didn't talk until she was almost 2 1/2 so we're not really worried about it. Everything else he is doing is completely age appropriate and he passed all his age 2 screenings. He weighs 32 lbs (90%) and is 34 inches long (82%). The only concern right now is this cough that will not go away. It seems to flare up at night, in the morning and when he gets really active. The doctor is concerned this could be asthma so they put him on an inhaler for a couple months and then he will be checked out again. He took his one shot like a champ and that was that. The ears are clear which is such a relief since an ear infection this time would have meant tubes. We are in love with the new doctor he saw this time (our usual one was out of the office this month for surgery and recovery), Dr. Laura Carson. She was so nice and friendly and patient! We'll be asking for her again for sure!!

After the doctor we had birthday and Easter pictures taken and they were so adorable. I'll post some as soon as I can scan them in! Then we met my parents for dinner at Friendly's which both kids love. Tanner got really shy and almost cried when they sang to him. Luckily the ice cream they brought saved the day! It was really cute. 

Saturday we had a Choo Choo party to celebrate. Tanner's present from us was the GeoTrax train set which both kids are in LOVE with! It came with two trains so I thought we would be good, but of course they still manage to fight over it sometimes. We put up some decorations and of course blew up balloons! We had Choo Choo cupcakes and lots of yummy snacks and the kids played with the train set. Tanner got lots of great presents! He got a Handy Manny took box that plays music and the tools dance. He can't help but start moving his hips when the music comes on and it is so cute! He also got a super soft Thomas blanket that he will not go to sleep without! He got lots of toys for the bath tub, books, and super cute clothes. Everything was perfect and every time I tried to give him a new present to open he just wanted to keep playing with the last one. I think he was a little overwhelmed but it was great!


The rest of the weekend we were pretty lazy. I was feeling a little under the weather so Noah took the kids to the park a couple times and we did some homework and played with the new toys. Now Spring Break is over (post about that coming soon) and it's back to real life! Only 9 more weeks and we're on summer vacation which means I get to be a stay at home mommy for a while. I'm excited and I have lots of things that I am going to accomplish around here this summer and lots of fun things we will do with the kids. It's exciting!!!