Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Break :)

Our Spring Break in Hampton is always the first week in April in between the 3rd and 4th marking periods. This year we were the only ones in the area to go on Spring Break this week because Easter is not until the 24th and other school districts have Spring Break right before or after Easter.

As we have started to make our new tradition we headed up to Massanutten for a long weekend at the beginning of break. Since this was not a usual Spring Break week there were not that many people there and we had a really great time. My parents came up with us and the Ingrams joined us for a couple days as well. We went to the water park, the pool, the lake and the regular park and just enjoyed each others company. It's nice to get away and not have anything to do but be together.



We came home Tuesday night so we could make it to our Y-Change class and so Noah could go to poker. Wednesday and Thursday Izzy went to school and me and Tanner got to hang out in the mornings. We had a nice couple of days and then celebrated Tanner's 2nd birthday over the weekend! I love spring break, but now that it is over the countdown for summer is on!!!