Sunday, March 10, 2013

Magic Kingdom Take One

On Thursday our plan was to head to Magic Kingdom super early to see the pre-opening show and do as much of the park as we could. Unfortunately Izzy had a high fever and couldn't really get out of bed. Noah and I took her to urgent care and got some antibiotics. Her fever was gone and she perked right up so we figured we could get a few hours in at the park (don't judge). We started off by watching the parade on Main Street, which ended up being Izabel's favorite part. Then we went to Tomorrowland and watched the Monsters Inc show and rode the Toy Story ride. We got smoothies because it was a particularly hot day and Tanner got to drive on the race track. We started heading for another part of the park, but we were all feeling pretty crummy so we decided to head to Downtown Disney for an early dinner and call it a night so we could all feel better for our big day on Friday. We ate at a dinosaur themed restaurant and got some candy from Goofy's candy shop (the best one in our opinion). Candy makes everything better!