Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Teacher of the Year

I can't deny that this has been an amazing year for me. I have had this list of things I wanted to accomplish while I am teaching high school and this year I have been able to mark off quite a bit in the last 7 years. I was just recently named the Kecoughtan Teacher of the Year. 

This was such an exciting accomplishment for me. A lot of other teachers think that electives are just for fun and that we don't work as hard, so to be selected for this honor means even more. They told me I was the winner one morning and I didn't even know how to react. A little later in the day the whole administrative team, a few other people, along with the drummer from our marching band came into my classroom to make the official announcement! It was super embarrassing but exciting too. I will now move on as a candidate for Hampton City Schools Teacher of the Year - that would be awesome, but I am very satisfied with this. 

This list is almost complete. The last three were moved to the bottom of the list to make it easier to see what I have not accomplished. This year I have been able to mark off National Boards, Kecoughtan Teacher of the Year, and I am the VAME Eastern Area Teacher of the Year. I also have a student teacher right now and I have really enjoyed working with her. It's crazy to think how close I am to accomplishing all of these things when some teachers do not ever accomplish any of them, but I am excited and thankful that I have been able to do so much. I have the chance to accomplish the last three at this year's ICDC at the end of April....fingers crossed!!!