Thursday, February 20, 2014

Noah and Auntie Ann's Birthday!

Noah turned 31 on Saturday and Auntie Ann turned 50 on Sunday. Mimi and Auntie Deb came down to celebrate and we spent the weekend with lots of fun activities. Saturday we went over to Auntie's house for a big breakfast after letting Noah sleep in a little and giving him his presents - a new grill which we will all enjoy! After breakfast we all went bowling and then to Shogun. We took the kids home and headed out to The Eagle's Nest for some fun with some great friends. We had never been there but had an awesome time and will certainly go back!

Sunday morning we were all a little hungover, but I got up with the kids and then Noah kept Izzy, Tanner and Rowan so Amy and I could go celebrate Ann's 50th at Croc's Drag Yourself to Brunch. We all had a great time and we're so glad we got to celebrate both Noah and Ann's birthday together with friends and family!