Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow Tubing

We took the kids and my parents to Massanutten for the last weekend in January to spend some time with my mom before she had surgery and started treatments. We weren't able to get the kids in ski school like we had planned but we had a blast at the water park on Saturday. Tanner rode every big slide which is huge for him since he doesn't like rides at all and other than my mild heart attack when I couldn't find Izabel (Noah had taken her to the bathroom but I didn't know) we all had a blast.

Sunday we got up early and hit the first snow tubing session so it wouldn't be as crowded as later in the day. I was worried about how the kids (mainly Tanner) would do with the big hill in a tube by himself but they both did great and LOVED it. We will definitely be going back with them lots of times and getting them into ski school too!