Monday, December 8, 2008

14 Months!

Today Izabel is 14 months old and growing up faster and faster. She is so funny now. She has so many different expressions and even when she is mad she is constantly making me laugh. She is still in the rear-facing car seat because she isn't quite big enough to turn around even though she is old enough. She needs to gain a little bit more but hopefully by the first of the year! I think she'll really like being able to see us and out the window when we are in the car. She still eats with her fingers for the most part but she uses a fork at times and she is so proud of herself when she gets the food into her mouth with it. She's almost on all sippy cups. We're still holding on to the last bottle but slowly weaning her off of it now. She loves fruit and if you give it her with her other food she will eat it all first. She'll eat vegetables but only if you give them to her first with nothing else on her plate. She loves to play and she especially loves when Daddy gets down on the floor and gets her laughing. Her favorite toys right now are her baby doll and her cookie jar. She also loves to play with things she shouldn't like our cell phones or the remote (forget the toy ones, she knows they aren't real!) She has eight teeth in front and two of her molars are coming in the back. Those have been difficult and I know she has been in pain but she's handling it pretty well. Her language skills have really developed. She says mama, dada, nana, no, and please (please sounds like sssss). She also signs all done, eat, up, bye bye, and she almost has thank you down. I love that she uses them at the appropriate times! She knows when she needs her diaper changed and she'll make a stinky face if we ask her if she's stinky. She's so much fun and we're really enjoying experiencing all of the holiday fun with her! I can't wait to see what she is able to do by this time next month!!!

Holding a picture of herself...she loves pictures of Baby Izzy!